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Basin Structure Group

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Sponsor Information

As a Sponsor you will have access to the Basin Structure Group Sponsors' Section. This is the main access point to the BSG data repository. From this section you may gain access to:

  • Summaries of ongoing research
  • The entire BSG archive of materials
  • The BSG Knowledge Transfer project

To access this section of the web site you will need a username and password, which you can obtain from your company's BSG contact person or alternatively you can request information from us about how to join the BSG as a sponsor on the Contact Us page of this site.

If you are already have sponsor access, use the loginn button below:

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What can I expect as a sponsor? 

  • Full results of all ongoing research projects.
  • A list of key papers to introduce recent advances in structural/basin geology.
  • Literature reviews of key works and recent developments in structural geology and basin analysis.
  • Company focussed research deliverables (this is dependant upon membership conditions)
  • Specially tailored class room training/Continuing Professional Development courses (available as an optional add-on).
  • Specially tailored field courses examining both structural geology and insights into seismic interpretation using field data