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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

Tobias Dalton

PhD Student


   Orange Basin, DWFTB, Restorations, Passive Margin, Normal faulting


   9.145 School of Earth and Environment

   0113 3437876

Current PhD student studying the structural evolution of gravity collapse structures and implications for change in Late Cretaceous prospects in the Orange Basin, South Africa and Namibia. (2012-)

Teaching Assitant for MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics course at University of Leeds (2011-2012)

MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics at University of Leeds (2010-2011)

Personal Banking Manager Lloyds TSB (2007-2010)

BSc Geology, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College (2003-2006)

My PhD is focussed on the development of gravity collapse structures on passive margins with particular attention to structures present  in the Orange Basin, offshore Namibia and South Africa.. I have combined field and seismic interpretation of these features to better constrain our understanding of their growth in 3D and their sub-seismic features.

I have a range of teaching interests mostly focussed within structural geology at Masters level but also for 2nd and 3rd year students. I help teach or demonstrate on;

  • 3D Strucue; Techniques and Visualisation
  • Structure 3; 3rd yr
  • Appied Structural Models, South West field trip
  • Integrated subsurface Analysis
  • Structure 2; 2nd yr Anglesey field trip
  • Dalton TJS; Paton DA; Needham DT; Hodgson N (2015) Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Deep Water Fold Thrust Belts; Implications for Quantifying Strain imbalance, Interpretation, .
  • Dalton TJS; Paton DA; Needham DT (2015) The Influence of Mechanical Stratigraphy on multi-layer gravity collapse structures: insights from the Orange Basin, South Africa, Petroleum Geoscience, Volume 438 .
  • Dalton, T.J.S; Paton, D.A; Collier, R.E.L.I; Muneef, M.M.; Toothill, S ; Jackson, C.A., 2012;  Evaluating the Mis-match between Compressionand Extension in Deep Water Fold Belts; Insights from the Namibian Passive Margin; AAPG ACE Long Beach, California, Poster presentation.
  • Dalton, T.J.S; Paton, D.A;  Muneef, M.M.; Collier, R.E.L.I; Hodgson, N., 2014; Along margin variability of gravity collapse structures in the Orange Basin. Petroleum Geoscience of the West Africa Margin, The Geological Society. Conference presentation.
  • Dalton, T.J.S; Paton, D.A;; Hodgson, N., 2015; Gravity driven collapse systems on Passive Margins: A field study in seismic. AAPG ACE, Denver, Colorado, Poster Presentation.