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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

James Norcliffe

PhD Student


   Passive Margins, Basin Analysis, SDRs


   9.145 Earth and Environment


   My LinkedIn Profile

I started my PhD at the University of Leeds in March 2015, where I am studying the transition from continental-rifting to oceanic-spreading in the Orange Basin, offshore Southwest Africa. This follows on from a BSc is Geology (University of Leicester) and an MSc in Structural Geology and Geophysics (University of Leeds). Between my MSc and PhD I worked on a Basin Structure Group consultancy project on the evolution of the Colombian Eastern Cordillera.

Currently I use 2D seismic reflection data to study the transition from continental to oceanic crust in the Orange Basin. In particular, my research focuses on the characterisation and evolution of the SDR wedge.


In addition to the above, I have worked on and am interested in:

·         Basin inversion and uplift

·         Salt tectonics

·         Compressional tectonics and structural restorations

As a PhD student I demonstrate for classes on: 

  • Structural geology (field and classwork)
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Plate tectonics

Conference presentations:

Norcliffe, J.R., Paton, D.A., McCaig., A.M., Mortimer, E.J. (2015) The Rift-Dift Transition in the Orange Basin, Offshore Southwest Afric. BG Group Geoscience Research Forum - Conf. poster. 

Norcliffe, J.R., (2014) Structural Evolution of the Farsund Basin, offshore Southern Norway; Implications for Petroleum Systems. PETEX Petroleum Geoscience Research Collaboration Showcase - Conf. poster.