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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

Dr Richard Collier

Senior Lecturer in Tectonics and Sedimentation; Co-Director of the Insitute of Applied Geosciences


   Tectonics; sedimentation; rift; sequence_stratigraphy; reservoirs


   Room 8.29, Staff Centre Wing, School of Earth and Environment

   +44 (0) 113 343 5211

    UOL Personal Page

I aim to achieve a more holistic understanding of the relationships between sedimentation and tectonics, and other controls such as glacio-eustacy and palaeoclimate variation, as controls upon basin stratigraphic architectures. The impact of these controls upon hydrocarbon reservoir distribution, architecture and quality is another driver.

I have a particular interest in studying active rift basins, since carrying out PhD studies in the Gulf of Corinth Rift, a superb natural laboratory. The advantage of studying modern systems is that process rates can be constrained. Other active rift systems studied include parts of the Basin and Range province and the Goodenough Basin in Papua New Guinea. Applying the classic approach of "the present is the key to the past", lessons have then been applied to the study of ancient rift systems including the North Sea and the Red Sea Rift.

Additional interests include sequence stratigraphy and its expression and application in a variety of basin settings, particularly active rifts to passive continental margins. Current research activity includes the characterization of syn-rift carbonate platforms and turbidite depositional fairways in the Red Sea Rift, and carbonate ramp development and reservoir properties, as exemplified in the Mesopotamian Basin. 

Tectonic geomorphology and sedimentation of rift basins. A particular focus is the evolution of drainage networks on rift margins in response to normal fault growth and linkage, and the consequences for sediment pathways and compositions through the evolution of a rift.

Stratigraphic architectures across the syn-rift to post-rift transition on passive continental margins.

Sequence architecture of carbonates, including of syn-rift, fault-bounded carbonate platforms and of carbonate ramps in tectonically passive settings.

Reservoir distribution, architectures and primary and diagenetic controls upon reservoir quality.

I contribute to teaching of the undergraduate Geological Sciences programme and to the MSc programmes in Structural Geology and Geophysics and in Exploration Geophysics. In terms of subjects, I teach petroleum geology, seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy. I also contribute to a cross-disciplinary module on Strategic Energy Issues.

Field teaching includes undergraduate mapping project supervision, such as mapping areas covering syn-rift sediments in central Greece or eastern Spain.

I also convene a final year field trip to the classic mid-Jurassic to upper Cretaceous reservoir analogues which outcrop on the Yorkshire coast. This field trip allows geoscience and petroleum engineering students to interact and solve problems together, as they would in a professional environment.

I also run commerical short courses on rift basin evolution and on sequence stratigraphy, and field courses on rift tectonics and sedimentation in the Gulf of Corinth Rift, Greece.

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