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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds


Current Opportunities


Response of density underflows to rift basin floor topography and palaeoenvironmental changes (Fully Funded)

Future potential

We are always keen to hear from prospective students and researchers who have an interest in joining the Basin Structure Group. Below are examples of some of the projects that we are currently seeking funding:

Example projects - note these are often run in conjunction with other staff members at Leeds

  • Tectonic evolution of offshore Kenya, Dr Douglas Paton, Dr Estelle Mortimer
  • Evolution, processes and deposits of high latitude submarine fans; Prof Jeff Peakall (SEE), Prof David Hodgson (SEE), Dr Douglas Paton (SEE), Dr Gareth Keevil (SEE), Will Bradbury (TGS). Contact email:
  • Quantifying the long-term (150Myr) flux of sediment from southern Africa to the Atlantic Ocean; Prof D.M. Hodgson, Dr D. Paton, Dr E. Mortimer, Dr P. Marwick (GETECH);