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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

BSG - at a glance

The University of Leeds has a long history of industry facing research across the geosciences, for example Turbidites Research Group, Fluvial Research Group, SLOPE, and PETGAS as well as being the originator of two hugely successful spin off companies, Rock Deforation Research (now RDR, Sclumberger) and Getech.

About 5 years ago Douglas and RIchard decided that there was an opportunity to combine the industry facing research they were doing into a joint industry project, and from that was born the Basin Structure Group.

Over the past 5 years we have worked with a number of companies on specific projects as well as providing insights into the generic processes of passive margins. We present our work at over 12 multi-national companies each year. This gives us insights into the problems that industry faces and ensure that our science can advance our understanding of the underlying principles while also providing direct benefit to industry.

The group:

The Basin Structure Group consists of 4 Faculty, 2 Post Doctoral Research Fellows and 10 PhD Research Students. We are using examples from basins spanning the globe to address fundamental questions on sedimentary basin evolution.

To access our research results click on the research link below which will take you to our interactive search tool (you will need to be logged in).

Engaging with BSG research:

If you are a company there are two mechanisms by which you can access the research results.

  • Consortium membership – companies contribute to the research themes but do not have a specific project
  • Company focused project including consortium membership – this provides specific research on your dataset with deliverables tailored to your requirements

If you are a propsective student:

  • We provide many opportunities for PhD research training if you have funding from your company or institute and would like to join the group. Please get in touch and we can discuss forming a joint proposal
  • If you are a UK/European student we occasionally have funding available

To find out more visit the Studying with us page