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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

BSG at AAPG 2016

This year's AAPG in Calgary was well attended by BSG with group members presenting some of our current research:

  • Integrating Sensitivity Analysis and Igneous Activity Into Basin Modelling, Faroe-Shetland Basin, NE Atlantic Benjamin S. Allen; Douglas Paton; David Cornwell; Ann Watkins; Pablo Z. Palmero
  • New Insights Into the Early Development of a Volcanic Passive Margin – 3-D Imaging of Seaward Dipping Reflectors and a South Atlantic Transfer Zone Holly J. Rowlands; Douglas Paton; Estelle Mortimer; Jonathan Turner; Phil Thompson; Matias Soto; Hector de Santa Ana
  • Thermokinematic Restoration of the Eastern Cordillera and Foothill of Colombia, and Paleogeographies Prediction Diego Costantino; Douglas Paton; Andrés Mora
  • Using Seismic Forward Modelling to Risk Sub-Thrust Plays Simon J. Oldfield; Douglas Paton; Diego Constantino; Emma K. Bramham; Taija Torvela; Andrés Mora