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Basin Structure Group

Petroleum Leeds

BSG at AAPG 2015

This year's AAPG in Denver was well attended by BSG with group members chairing sessions:

  • New Insights From the Classics—Contraction, Extension and Strike-Slip - chair Douglas Paton
  • Tectonic Evolution of Passive Margins - chair Douglas Paton
  • Geomechanics of Unconventionals - chair Simon Oldfield
  • tructure and Tectonics of Unconventionals - chair Simon Oldfield

BSG also presented some of our current research:

  • Reducing Uncertainty in the Geological Interpretation of Complex Structural Geometries through Seismic Forward Modelling: Application to Frontal Ranges of the Llanos Basin, Colombia Simon Oldfield, Douglas Paton
  • Analysis of the South Atlantic Margins From Regional Seismic Data: Implications for Break-Up Tectonics and Thermal History Douglas Paton
  • Just How Uncertain is Our Interpretation of Deep Seismic Reflection Data From Passive Margins, and Does it Matter: A Case Study From the Argentina Margin Douglas Paton
  • New Insights Into Continental Transfer Zones: Evidence From the Tanganyika-Rukwa-Malawi System Douglas Paton , Estelle Mortimer
  • The Influence of Basement Structure and Volcanics on the Evolution of the Uruguayan Margin Holly Rowlands, Douglas Paton
  • Gravity Driven Collapse Systems on Passive Margins: A Field Study in Seismic Toby Dalton, Douglas Paton
  • Insights Into the Influence of Rift Evolution on the Emplacement and Distribution of a Sill Complex, Faroe-Shetland Basin, Northeast Atlantic Ben Allen, Douglas Paton

Some of our group arrived early to the conference and took some time to go gold-panning at the Argo Gold Mine & Processing Plant (see photo - from left to right: Ben Allen, Holly Rowlands, Simon Oldfield, Ben Craven and Tobias Dalton).  It was also a good chance to consider basement structures in the granites of the area, and their relationship to overlying structures in the Denver Basin.


Posted: 02/06/2015
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